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Preprints for Applied Category Theory Conference 2024

Preprints for Applied Category Theory Conference 2024

I have recently been working on papers for the Applied Category Theory Conference 2024 with Prof. Gioele Zardini. Here, I've got a link to the two papers I have been working on.

The first, Functor String Diagrams, covers the mathematics behind the streamlined approach to diagrammatic category theory which I use. It covers the mathematical foundations for neural circuit diagrams, in addition to arguing for the utility of functor string diagrams by using them to provide a proof of the Yoneda lemma and showing how they encompass more traditional monoidal string diagrams.

The second paper, Diagrammatic Negative Information, builds on Gioele's previous works on categorical negative information which investigates the composition of what is not possible. In this new work, we show that the composition of negative information can be naturally considered by traditional categories, thereby opening up further theoretical and applied works to consider this important class of restrictions on a system.

After these, there are a number of additional papers I will be working on at the intersection of diagrammatic category theory and machine learning. Stay tuned!